So I decided to Blog………………. Finally!!

So I decided to BLOG…. Big Deal?? Yeah, to me it is. I was not a fan of blogging. I just didn’t have the time to devote to writing and keeping my audience entertained.

In the past year, I started traveling to a lot of countries over the world. So far, it has been such a life changing experience, loving every part of traveling and experiencing new countries……so, I decided I wanted to share my experience with y’all…..

For those people who want to do something in life but feel like the time is not right, or they don’t have the money, or feel too scared to take a risk. Word of advice: There is never a right time and you will never have enough money. JUST DO IT.

I found my passion…. and I followed it!! Now I’m going to share my experiences, my travels, lessons learned, and tips, especially for newbies like me.

Here we go…….my attempt to blog successfully!!! Welcome to my Life on the Road!!