How it all started

“At first, they’ll ask you WHY you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask you HOW you did it.”

That’s the story of my life:  You know how you want to go on a vacation or do random things, but you just never did ’em because you were waiting on your “friends” or the “right” time…..YUP!! That was me, always waiting for the “right” time. Just so you know, there will never be a right time for you and your friends to take that trip or do something random. Everyone’s schedule is different, budget varies and some just don’t care to travel or explore as much as you do. Word of advice: GO SOLO (the best travel experience is when you travel alone)

Some random day mid-last year in NYC , I decided I wasn’t going to wait for friends or the right time, I was going to make my first solo trip.  Prior to that, I went to Puerto Rico with some co-workers and friends, and I had a blast. This was the beginning of my travel thirst to explore countries all over the world. I started looking up top Solo travel destinations – after a couple of sites and blogs – there it was, Costa Rica. I fell in love researching about the place. I didn’t even think about the language barrier, I just wanted to travel and explore a new country. This was my first trip to Central America.


Where I visited and stayed:
I loved Costa Rica so much, I hope to go back this year. I stayed with a  really good friend of mine in San Jose for 2 days, and then we took the public bus to this beautiful Caribbean beach town called Puerto Viejo.  The view from the bus ride was amazing. I love the landscape and serenity of this country. After about 6 hours on a crazy but exciting bus ride, we arrived Puerto Viejo, and met up with a couple of friends. We all stayed at this amazing hostel called Pagalu; nature at its finest, very friendly staff, clean, good security, and great atmosphere. In general, Costa Rica is a really safe city, no worries at all. This was an amazing first travel experience!!


How I spent my days:
Puerto Viejo was calm, not as busy as San Jose, but the vibe was amazing.  I really loved the beach clubs, and it rained every night in the village. Dancing and playing in the rain was so much fun, that I felt like a kid again.  We had to ride a bicycle around town; that was the fastest way for us to get around or we could have walked for 2 hours (no bueno). After spending about 30mins trying to balance on my bicycle, I finally got a hang of it and enjoyed the blissful ride around town to this serene beach called Punta Uva. The plan was to go snorkeling and surfing, but I ended up taking a nap on the beach.  I enjoyed every part of that nap, it was so peaceful.  Oh, I had coconuts on the beach – Bliss!! At the end of a long day, riding around town, my new friends and I ended up at this beautiful beach restaurant called Koki Beach. The food was amazing, the best food I had in Costa Rica. It was somewhat pricey, but definitely worth it.


After about 2 days in Puerto Viejo, we had to head back to San Jose, my vacation was ending :(. The ride back was crazy cool. We rode back with this random Asian dad and daughter, of course, there was a language barrier but we didn’t need to communicate, so we didn’t care. The driver finished the trip in 3 hours instead of 6, just enough time for me to catch my flight back to NYC for work on Monday.

I somehow survived my first trip with about $400 spending money and no understanding of Spanish. This was great….this was it, the beginning of my addiction, until I slowly transitioned to an addict on my next trip. Oh…..of course, the Spanish guys loved me!!! PURA VIDA