Ein Prosit – Oktoberfesting

Then there was Oktoberfest, Munchen style!!!  It was such a fun weekend in Munich, Germany – what a great weekend trip. Let me put a quick disclaimer: my friend took a lot of pictures, but her memory card got missing, so I only have a few pictures from my phone.


Where I visited:
I went for the finale of the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich. My first impression of Germany was that it was a pretty clean and organized country. It was very different from other European countries I had visited. Munich reminded me so much of Washington, DC. One good thing about Germany for English only speaking tourists is that most people there speak English.


I flew in to Munich from NYC. I was meeting up with a friend in Munich. I arrived Friday afternoon and waited for my friend at the airport; she was coming in from Amsterdam. When she arrived, we took a taxi to where we stayed. The taxi ride was quite expensive; it was about 50Euros. I will suggest taking the train. It is cheaper and easier.


Where I stayed:
We stayed at my friends co-worker’s apartment in Munich. This was different from the hostel experience. Staying at a friends apartment was good because she was able to make our short trip worthwhile. Since she lived in Munich, she gave us tips on what to do during our short stay. After settling in, later that evening, we headed out to the city to do some sight seeing.


How I spent my days:
I did not do a lot of touristy stuff in Munich because it was such a short trip. We did walk around downtown Munich, went to the famous tourist area – Marienplatz – we went to the famous Oberpollinger mall. We started looking for Oktoberfest costumes. As they say, when in Rome, act like Romans.  We were ready to end the finale weekend with a bang; dressed in our Bavarian Dirndl outfit. The weather at this time of the year was chilly, but not freezing cold. After searching different stores – 3 hours later – we found some reasonably priced costumes.  We were one of the last folks to leave the store. The staff kicked us out LOL (they don’t play with their closing hours in Europe).


After a long day traveling and shopping, we met up with our host at an Italian restaurant. We had pizza and drinks, and spent the rest of the night indoors – getting our spirit, mind and body ready for the Oktoberfest celebration. Foodie: Mostly ate at the apartment, but you know I couldn’t leave Germany without having me some German sausage with bread.


Saturday YAYY – the main day.  We headed out to the tents at about 8am (get there early, so you can get a table in one of the tents. You also want to avoid the long lines). Also, be ready to stay out the entire day. My friend and I thought it wasn’t possible to be out all day drinking and dancing. Guess what? We were wrong, we ended up staying till 8pm. We took the train to the location of the festival (much easier than driving, you don’t have to deal with parking and traffic).


Bright and early and ready to party – all the tents were fired up – everyone dressed in nice Dirndl outfits, beer fest ready. We got our way into one of the best tents called Hippodrom. It was so beautiful and colorful inside. We sat on a random table with some German girls and guys. We ordered the usual sausage with bread dish, followed with drinks, and then good conversations flowed. There was our day – eating, drinking and making new friends. The European guys just fell in love with us (love my European men).


We started out with 1, 2, 3,………then we couldn’t keep track. They said after 10 beers, you are a champion!! Not sure I made it up to 6. I am not a beer person, but I must say, the Germans know their stuff. The beer tasted pretty good. We danced and cheered to the festival theme song “Ein Prosit”.


We moved around different tents the entire day, dancing and celebrating with the rest of the drunken clan. We ran into some random guys who sold us VIP tickets to get into one of the tents called Hofbrau – this tent was mainly for young adults, huge party tent, very wild – we went in through the back door to get into the tent. The line outside was ridiculous. Thank God for that hookup


At about 4 -5pm ish, we walked up to a random table filled with some guys from Italy and Switzerland. We joined their table and they became our new buddies for the next 3hours.  There was this really cute guy from Switzerland, he was definitely my eye candy for the night. YUM YUM.


Around 8pm, my friend and I met up with some of her friends who came from Prague and Italy for the Beer Fest. We chatted for a couple of hours, then we decided to go out to a Funk party on the other side of town.  It was a rainy night in Munich, so we decided to head back to the apartment. We took the train back to the apartment.


There it was, the weekend was over, my trip was ending. My flight was at 4pm on Sunday. I spent Sunday morning sleeping and packing my bags. I took the train to the airport headed back to NYC with a layover in Paris.  I was sad to leave, but I was ready for my next trip to the Caribbeans – Dominican Republic and Jamaica.