“Ohhh I love it….Oh Yes I love it”

Another opportunity to travel to the Caribbean Islands…..guess who was ready to jump on that bandwagon??? ME, of course :).  It was my home girl’s birthday and she was celebrating her big 25 in Barbados.

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Where I visited: Barbados
We went to Christchurch, Barbados for 4 days. It was a mini girl’s trip and a wonderful vacation. I liked Barbados but I wasn’t in love with the place. Barbados has very very extremely beautiful, clean and pure beaches; the sand looks like it fell from heaven. Though a wonderful getaway with the ladies, I think it is better suitable for couples/lovers who want a nice quiet beach getaway.

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Barbados is a relatively small island and it is very expensive; some of the prices just didn’t make sense to me but talking to the locals, they said that is how the economy is – everything in Barbados is overpriced.

Where I stayed:
We stayed at South Ocean Villas in Hastings, a villa right in front of the beach. It was perfect for the ladies, the back opened to the beautiful quiet beach. It also had a nice swimming pool at the back.  It has space for parking, so if you ever want to stay there and have a car, you will  be fine with parking. It was in a great location, it was safe, and we could walk to most places we needed to go.  Everything seemed to be great about the villa, except that the internet wasn’t working the entire time we were there. Luckily for us, most restaurants and bars had free wifi, so we were able to connect when we went out.


How I spent my days:
We arrived Barbados on a Friday afternoon. We took a taxi from the airport to the villa. The taxi price was about 35USD one way to the villa. There was slight traffic on our way to the Villa; the roads are quite small and it seemed it there was only that “one road” to enter and exit the city. When we arrived at the villa, we had to wait for the property manager to hand us the keys and tell us more about the villa. After waiting for an hour, our property manager arrived (it quickly clicked that people in Barbados are close to Africans, always on that African time) and she handed us the keys, showed us the property and its amenities, and gave us a couple of tips about Barbados. After we settled in, we walked to their famous shopping complex, downtown, and grabbed food at this decent restaurant (I don’t remember the name but the food was decent). We got some groceries on our way back to the villa . We got to relax before starting our adventure on the island 🙂

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Later that evening, we went to the famous Oistin’s Fish Fry. Definitely not what we were expecting, but we did try out the Fish at the market; it wasn’t great, just okay. After watching people dancing on stage and being messy eating fish with their famous spicy sauce(that sauce was the shiznit – bought two bottles). After spending some time at the Fish Fry market, we took a taxi to a beach bar called Harbor Lights (Again, always negotiate your taxi ride, these folks will charge you triple the price for anything).

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We got to Harbor Lights right around their Happy Hour time, perfect timing 🙂  Harbor Lights was really pretty and cool (again, I’m in love with beach bars).  The bar had beach sand one one side and the other side was the dance floor. The DJ here was really good, we definitely felt that we were in the Caribbean. We met a couple of locals and tourist here. The evening started very chill and ended up blurry – Whatever happens in Barbados never happened. The locals we met at the bar offered to give us a ride home because the taxi drivers were trying to charge us a ridiculous amount to take us to the villa – which wasn’t even up to 1 mile away.

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The next day, we spent most of our morning sleeping, making breakfast, taking tons of swimsuit pictures and pictures of our view. We finally headed down to the beach, were we laid down, swam, played, walked around and took more pictures. After spending a couple of hours at the beach, we went back to the villa to get ready for our daily touring activities. We took the local bus to this beach bar called The Boatyard in Bridgetown. The place was very nice, the food here was way better than what we had at the Fish Fry. We just chilled at the boatyard, having girls convo and chatting with the guys who worked there. The boatyard beach is really nice, they have a walkway over the water, we walked down, watched the sun set, and enjoyed the atmosphere.

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After chilling a while at the Boatyard, we went downtown Barbados. We just wandered around the city- absorbing the environment and enjoying the experience. After walking for a couple of hours, we realized it was getting dark so we decided we would head back.  At this point, we were already lost in the maze downtown, there was no bus or taxi in sight, so we just kept walking and trying to retrace our steps. We finally found a landmark we recognized, so we just kept walking till we reached our villa.  After we settled in a bit, we went out to look for food. We went to the mall and we found this Chinese restaurant that had the best House Special Fried rice I have ever eaten before in my life (it was wonderful).


After eating and relaxing, we set out for the night. We went to this place called Priva. On our way to Priva, we met this really nice taxi guy who eventually became our “go to driver” for the rest of the weekend. Priva was okay, the ambiance was nice but we felt it was over rated – based on the reviews online.  One of the bartenders tried to be sleek in his actions, but we definitely caught the guy “red handed” *hiss*….anywoos we made the best of the night. We came ran into some folks we met at Harbor Lights the day before, so it made it fun. After a nice night out, we headed back home to get our beauty sleep in, ready for another fun day.


We set out to go on a tour of Harrison’s Cave (one of the historical sites to visit in Barbados). It was a good 30 – 45mins drive up there. We were lucky, we made it right in time for the tour that was leaving. Harrison’s Cave was good adventure, although nothing great about it but it’s definitely worth visiting – to see how much life is underground. It had its spooky moments but overall it was fun.  After Harrisons cave, our helpful driver drove us around town, we stopped to get some sugar cane, then he took us to the beach by St Lawrence Gap (don’t remember the name )where we wanted to go jet skiing, but they had closed for the day. So we decided to head to Harbor Lights for their Sunday Beach Party.


Another fun time at Harbor Lights, this time it was mainly tourists and foreigners who lived in Barbados. We hung out around there for a while, enjoyed the free wifi while savoring the atmosphere and the view of the beach. After a couple of hours, we set out to another beach party we got invited to by a guy who fancied me in Barbados.  By the time we got there, the party was almost over. The guys tried to convince us to stay, but we decided to go grab dinner instead (we had planned to have a fancy birthday dinner for my friend but based on our not so good food experiences, we decided to have dinner at the Chinese restaurant). This was a wise choice indeed 🙂


After dinner, we went to the villa, stayed in and orchestrated our skinny dipping adventure. The plan was to enter my friends birthday skinny dipping (awesome birthday present 🙂 ). We went to the beach at almost midnight, it was so beautiful, peaceful, quiet. We all had our first skinny dipping experience, I for one enjoyed it alot. The water was just pure bliss. After our beach experience, we went to the pool and we just chilled there for hours. We eventually transitioned to the room and all dozed off.


On our last day in Barbados, some of us chilled at the villa, while the others went to the Rum Tour.  We had breakfast/lunch at the first restaurant we came to when we first arrived in Barbados. Around 2pm, we set out to the airport with our loyal taxi driver, on our way, we stopped to pick up the famous Chinese food (again). It was back to reality again for all of us, including our taxi driver who didn’t have 6 beautiful ladies to pose and gist with again. Not sure I’ll be back in Barbados anytime soon but I must say it has one of the best beaches you can think of.

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