The Love-Hate Thing

I read this article by Matt Monahan titled “The Lifestyle of the Young, Rich and Homeless”, right before I saw my friend’s Instagram tag to me to apply to become a Travel Noire curator. I was truly inspired by this article, so I thought to share my experience living out of a suitcase for the past 2 years.

IMG-20130613-WA0000My closet

I just really hate it when people ask me where I live because really, I don’t live anywhere.  Depending on where I am – I say NYC (my current local base), ATL (where I went to college), DC (where I have family), and sometimes I say Nigeria (where I grew up). It really just depends. The most frustrating relationship I have had so far in life – talk about love-hate. When I’m not on the client site in Chicago or somewhere in the boonies in a Midwestern state of the US, I’m circling the country visiting friends over the weekend or waiting for that last Priceline deal on hotels in NYC.  Then, there are those days I wish I had a place I could call home – you know, have my own mailbox, host friends (show them the hospitality they showed you), be able to get a driver’s license, and have your own closet to store up your nice things, especially when my storage space in NYC just recently got damaged by water and I lost everything. This is the love-hate thing I’m talking about.

1-898On the move again – Barcelona

Then there is the part I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for – my travel experiences. I wouldn’t have had life-changing experiences or met great people if I never left the comfort zone of my apartment, if I never gave it up to become a travel whore. Luckily for me, the new age we live in supports my lifestyle and I have been able to gain some independence with this unique lifestyle I have chosen. Thanks to UPS, I have my mailbox – an actual physical address, not a P.O.Box (yes, you can send me mailJ), I have a storage space to keep my travel antiques, I have great friends I can visit on weekends, I have mobile internet to stay connected to the world, then there’s Airbnb, hostels and Couchsurfing I can always rely on when I’m visiting a new city, and of course, hotels when I need ME time. Not so bad right? But then I also do wish I had a fridge so I can put up all the magnets I buy from my travels. This love-hate relationship!!!

IMG_4069Lunch with a view – Prague