Getaway to Baja California

I found a great deal on LivingSocial for a 3-day trip to Los Cabos, San Lucas. I have always wanted to visit Los Cabos and this was the perfect deal. So guess what? I jumped on it. Sent it to a couple of friends but only a few purchased the deal as well. We all didn’t make it to Los Cabos the same weekend, but the weekend I went, one of my friends came as well.


Where I visited:
I took a 3-day trip to Los Cabos, San Lucas in the Baja California region.  When I arrived, my first impression was positive. The airport is really nice and organized. A few tips here:

1) Always look up the exchange rate before you travel. I forgot to do that before this trip. I was hopeful that the folks at the resort would be fair with their rates. I definitely didn’t want no excess pesos! 

2) When you arrive, don’t listen to the random guys at the airport. They are always trying to hustle folks. Tell them you have a taxi waiting for you booked by your hotel. 

3) Definitely make sure to reserve a hotel shuttle or your preferred mode of transport before arrival.  

4) Also note that Los Cabos airport has two or three terminals, so if you are traveling in a group on different flights, be sure to confirm your terminals, so it would be easier to link up.

5) Extra tip for the ladies: Don’t use the disabled bathroom at the airport; flushing was a hassle. I had to press the button so hard before it finally flushed!  



Where I stayed:
We stayed at Solmar Hotel and Resorts. It is an all-inclusive resort, so we pretty much ate at the hotel the entire trip. The food was pretty good (I need some fish tacos in my life right now), so I would definitely recommend this place.  The hotel is located very close to “Lover’s Beach” (muy muy bonita playa) and we got a chance to go on a boat to see great views of the beach. The staff was really nice and friendly. The resort would also try to get you to do the timeshare thing – good information if you are into Time Sharing but not so for me.  In my opinion, the resort is more of a couple’s paradise.  In general, I also think Los Cabos is more for older people but young folks can definitely have fun here too. For food, we just usually ate breakfast (if we woke up in time), lunch and dinner at the resort.




How I spent my days:
So I got to Cabos on Friday. After settling in and taking nice hot showers, we decided to explore the many fun spots in Cabos. We walked around the beach in the hotel which leads to Lover’s Beach. We then went to Nikki Beach – a great place to meet people and grab a few drinks. The drinks here were a bit pricey but I think the entire place is more expensive than other places in Mexico I have been to.  At Nikki Beach, we met some of the coolest Canadian guys ever – they came to celebrate a friend’s bachelor party.  As the evening drew near, we met the craziest woman ever (this chick was at least 55 years old) who was trying to make out with us (my friend and I). As if that wasn’t enough, she proceeded to show off her boobs to one of the Canadian guys! That was one of the highlights of this trip!


Later that night, we went to the guys’ condo in Pedegral which they had rented for the duration of their stay in Cabos. It is really beautiful up there, with really nice houses and an amazing view of Cabos. I would totally recommend getting a place there as well. We had the funniest drive ever to the house [please take a second to picture this] – a bunch of intoxicated people who didn’t remember how to get home, bundled together in a mini van (another highlight of my trip). We drove around in circles, and after about an hour or so we made it to the house. After having a couple of drinks at the house, we headed out to see what Los Cabos nightlife was about. We went to two clubs, El Squid Roe and Mandela. Please don’t ask what happened on Friday night (let’s just say we were enjoying the pleasures that come with traveling to a place you don’t know a single soul)


The next day was very eventful. I had a phone interview in the morning (This was an absolute struggle. My brain cells must have been dead from the night before.) After the interview ended, we set out to go parasailing (A one-time thing for me, not gonna do it again. I got bored after the lift.) with Cabo Expeditions.  After parasailing, we went back to Nikki Beach and we ran into the Canadian guys at the bar, so we hung out and chatted, got a couple of drinks and we were just having a great time.  We decided to meet up later at a bar on the strip at 10pm (I don’t remember the name, please don’t blame me, this trip was a blur), instead we took a nap and didn’t make it out in time.



We woke up at midnight-ish. Luckily for us, nightlife in Cabo ends pretty late, so we were still early. We went to the strip of bars/clubs and ended up in one of the clubs (don’t remember the name). We saw our new Canadian friends (Yes, to new travel friends!), and we all hung out for a little bit. The guys ended up leaving early because they had been out all day and night, but we decided to stay since we got out pretty late. We made more friends, found some guy who liked us and he decided to buy us drinks for the night. Night 2 was also a blast that we paid dearly for on Sunday. Sunday was a total disaster. I had signed up for scuba diving (how smart).  I almost wanted to cancel but I had already paid $100, so I was like frawk it, YOLO.




So I went scuba diving with Amigos Del Mar company. I walked from the hotel to the location. The company is very professional and good at what they do. We had an instructional video and tips to know before scuba diving.  The entire time I was hungover and was feeling so sick to my stomach, but I sucked it up. We went on the boat and wore our scuba gears – my gosh, these things are so heavy, don’t be deceived by how light they look on TV. The weights and the tanks weigh a ton.  I was with two pretty girls from Saudi Arabia (I took pictures on their camera but they never sent them to me 😦  )….meanwhile my friend was having her own bad day at the hotel and struggled to make her flight back to the US.


Anywhoo, we all got in the water but I had a horrible time for one of two reasons:

1. I was not feeling too well from the night before, so I threw up in the beautiful Los Cabos water (my bad, Cabo).

2. I think I’m subconsciously scared of deep water, even though I know how to swim, or should I say, float.  

Either way, I didn’t scuba dive successfully. I was really bummed about this and I promised myself that I will be back to scuba dive, but this time, I’ll perfect my breathing and confidence. One of the girls who successfully scuba dived told us it was totally worth it.  After my unsuccessful attempt at scuba diving, I went back to the hotel. 😦


I spent the rest of my evening sleeping and resting.  The next day I departed to the airport in the morning.  Note: Be sure to go to the airport early enough if you decide to go with the airport shuttle just to give yourself enough time to travel, because these shuttles waste so much time. There is no sense of urgency with them.  I was so close to missing my flight but luckily I didn’t.

Adios Los Cabos…Hasta Luego Mexico!!!