Euro Trip II – From Nigeria to Ibiza

Like they say, once you go to Europe, you can never not go back! (HAHA… I just came up with that.)   Anyways, I went on my 2nd Euro Trip and I had a nice time as always. This time I visited Ibiza, Lisbon and Prague. Before heading to Ibiza, I visited my home country Nigeria. This was more of a family trip than a vacation, but I was able to enjoy a little bit of the usual Nigerian lifestyle.  I usually go home to spend the Christmas holiday with my family but this was the first time I visited Nigeria in the summer – I spent a week in Lagos before heading to Europe.


One of the things I did differently on this trip to Lagos was visit what in my opinion is the best beach nightlife in Lagos – and most definitely a potential prime tourist attraction. When I got to Elegushi Beach as it is called in Lagos, it reminded me of the nightlife in Sosua, DR – the beach bars and clubs.  What I loved most about this place was the outright ratchetness (yes I said it, I love ratchet – spending 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia would do that to you). Visiting this place gave me a lot of ideas about improving tourism in Nigeria (that’s a topic for another day). Anyways, after a great time in Nigeria, I headed out to my favorite part of the world – Europe.


On my way to Ibiza, I met this really cool girl on the flight from Turkey to Madrid. We sat next to each other on the plane and didn’t talk the entire time until the plane was landing. She asked if I wanted gum and I said yes, why not (I guess this is a perfect icebreaker). We got talking and I found out she had visited Nigeria a couple of times, so that sparked a conversation. She invited me to brunch during my layover in Madrid. Initially, I was hesitant to leave the airport because I didn’t want to miss my connecting flight, but she convinced me that since I had a long layover, getting brunch in the city was not a bad idea. It was totally worth it. (the kind of adventures I live for)




Where I visited:
I visited Ibiza for 4 days with my coworker and her friends from NYC; we all decided to meet in Ibiza. My initial thoughts on Ibiza was “What a big island!”(I don’t know but I expected something small but it wasn’t the case – Ibiza is quite big).  I took the bus from the airport to my hostel in Ibiza. The bus from airport is the L10 and it costs about 4 euros from airport and 3.50 euros to airport from Ibiza town. I stayed at Hostal Giramudo Ibiza.  Ibiza is a really nice town but not so easy to navigate (in my opinion); it definitely requires a lot of getting used to. Ibiza is also pretty expensive, so definitely plan to spend a little more on this wonderful Spanish island. Most people think Ibiza is just 100% party town but I think this is not the case; in my opinion, couples and families can totally enjoy the island as well. Lots of fun stuff to do.



Where I stayed:
I stayed at Hostal Giramudo Ibiza.  The staff was helpful but I’ll say overall they weren’t as helpful as I wanted. I also guess that was because I couldn’t communicate properly in Spanish. They also weren’t too good at giving directions for the places I wanted to go to. I somehow figured my way but that was a struggle. I guess it is all part of the experience. Overall the hostel was not bad but I have stayed in better hostels. The food in Ibiza is really nice and delicious – I enjoyed every meal I had on the island. 



How I spent my days:
When I arrived, I took a shower and then a nap. I tried to connect with the crew – they stayed at the other side of Ibiza Island called San Antoni. San Antoni is a very nice area with lots of restaurants and bars by the port/beach (If I go back to Ibiza, I would stay in that area).  Later that evening I headed out to San Antoni to meet up with my friends at Cafe del Mars.  I took the bus to San Antoni which took about 1 hour from Ibiza town. With no access to phone and limited wifi, communication was a struggle. By the time I got to Cafe Del Mars, my friends had gone back to their hotel.  So I had dinner by the beach at Mint Restaurant (quickly connected to their wifi so I could send messages), then headed out to look for my friends. I also peeped another restaurant called “Il Vecchi Molino“, it looked really nice too.


So I tried to get directions to my friend’s hotel but that didn’t work. Somehow I made it to my friends’ hotel – after about an hour trying to find the hotel. That night we went to Amnesia. I have been to nice clubs but this was really fun (what happens in IBIZA was so dope, it can definitely be repeated).  The nightlife in Ibiza is insane – like stay up/party till sunrise kinda nightlife. We spent the next day recovering, we called it our chill out day.


The next day we went to eat breakfast/lunch at Sunset Sea Bar by the beach in San Antoni.  Later that evening, we went into Ibiza town to Playa en Bossa. We chilled at Bora Bora Beach Club for the rest of the night – it was fun, not too packed and the music was good.  I don’t think we went out that night, we just had a chill night because the next day was a day trip to Formentera Island – another of the Balearic Islands. We planned to meet at the port at 10 in the morning.


The next day when I got to the port closest to where I stayed, I realized that we planned to meet at the port but Ibiza has so many ports and I didn’t know what port the rest of the crew were leaving from. Anyways once I figured that they were at another port, I took a boat to the island hoping to meet them there. Before heading on the boat, I had really delicious English Breakfast at Transilvania Restaurant by Figueretas beach where I boarded the boat.


Formentera Island
This island is totally worth the journey, time and experience (I wish I spent more than one day there).  I also wasn’t able to meet up with the rest of the crew because when I got on the island, I realized it was really big and it had different areas to explore. So I sat at a cafe right by the port called Tamis Restaurant to connect to wifi– I had dessert and coffee. Then I tried to rent a scooter so that I could drive around the island but I wasn’t able to because I needed a license – not like I can drive one, but I figured I’d try.



So I decided to walk to the beaches on the island – EPIC FAIL! You cannot walk this island; it is so huge. It would probably take you like 3 days to walk the entire island. As I was walking, the guy who worked at the scooter shop drove by and asked if I needed a ride – I was like heck yeah, I wanted to get on a scooter so badly. So I told him to take me to the popular beach cos I was looking for my friends, so he said that they were most likely going to be at Playa Illettas. Sidebar: while I was walking past one of the many nude beaches – I saw some men sitting naked lol reading newspapers (balls dangling and all that mess – gross). Anyways I hopped on the bike and then we drove to Playa Illettas – the ride was a disaster, the entire time the guy kept touching me and he told me to kiss and hug him. He brought me to this bush path, I was kinda scared inside but I didn’t show it. He told me the beach was on the other side of the bush. I obviously didn’t trust him so I started running for my life towards “the beach” – until I saw it (I guess he wasn’t lying after all).


As soon as my legs touched the beach sand, I was immediately transported to paradise – white sand with clear turquoise blue waters. Everyone was getting a tan, nude females and males just having a good time on the beach. I really liked the beach because it was very quiet and less touristy. I didn’t get to lay down on the sand because I was still on the hunt looking for my friends – so i decided to walk the entire beach.  While walking down the beach, I met this old man, probably about 70 years old. He saw me talking selfies and he asked if I wanted him to help me take full length picture, so I said sure.  I was skeptical cos he was naked – like I wasn’t sure how I felt about an old naked man taking my picture but anyways it happened. We talked for like 10 mins, told me to be safe and then I kept walking.


I walked out of the beach and just kept walking on the dirt road till I got to the next beach called El Pirata. This beach was really packed – a lot of young adults and kids – there is also a restaurant close to the beach. I walked around trying to find the crew but I didn’t find them here either. So at that point, I knew that trying to find them was a lost cause (apparently they were at another beach the entire time).   So I decided to tour the rest of island, I took the bus to Es Pujol and walked around the beach there. It is also very nice, this beach was more family oriented. I stopped by Tahiti bar to have a drink and just enjoyed the view from the bar. After about 45 mins, I headed back to the bus to Savina (the port) in order to make it on the last boat back to Ibiza town.


On my way back to my hostel, I stopped at this Indonesian restaurant called Cube – the food was really good. Then I went to the room to get some rest before heading out to meet my friends at Pacha nightclub.   I had asked for directions to Pacha from my hostel and they told me it wasn’t far – hmm stupid me, I listened to Spanish people giving me directions. I tried to get on the bus but I couldn’t find the bus going towards Pacha, so I decided to walk since they said it was about 20 – 30 mins away. I probably shoulda known better – in Spain 30 mins is actually 1 hour, so crazy.


Eventually I got to Pacha and luckily saw my friends outside the club, so we went inside together.  Pacha was also really good, but I preferred Amnesia.  BTW Ibiza is really expensive – water is like 20 euros in the club – ridiculous. We had a nice time at Pacha, everyone was tired and left the club early. I stayed there till the morning cos it was my last night and I wanted to turn up. Around 7 am, I headed back to the hostel, took a quick nap, got ready for the airport and flew back to Madrid for my next flight connecting to Lisboa, Portugal 🙂


IMG_4125 We came, We saw, We conquered #TeamIbizaSummer2013