I hope I’m part Portuguese

My next stop was Lisbon, Portugal on my Euro Trip Part II series


Where I visited:
After 4 days in Ibiza, I headed to Lisbon, Portugal – something about Spain and Portugal keeps pulling me back.  I got to Lisbon in the early afternoon, then I took the airport bus, Aerobus, from the terminal to my hostel – it costs about 3.50 euros from airport to the city center or financial center. It was very easy and straightforward.  I really liked Portugal – well I guess I’m just in love with Portuguese people – Sigh.



I think Lisbon is a really beautiful place. I liked the “marble” roads – although not sure how the roads would be when it rains. The food here is amazing  – the famous Portuguese chicken – this was first time I ate chicken in over 5 years and actually enjoyed it (not really a chicken person either). Codfish is also very popular here. It was really hot in Lisbon, about 35 degrees Celsius.  I think the city is pretty easy to navigate using maps.  Lisbon is very hilly, so get ready for some workout. I noticed that there were a lot of churches in Lisbon. Overall, I think the food here is great (I’m sure you can tell I love food from all my posts) and I like the culture. Overall, Lisbon is a city you just walk around – get lost, get found and keep moving.


Where I stayed:
I stayed at the best hostel ever in the history of hostels 🙂 called Traveller’s House. It is very homely and welcoming. It is centrally located on Rua Augusta in the Baixa district, where all the shops are located. It is very nice and clean. The staff here is amazing and very helpful.  The rooms were really nice and everything was good about this place – they have good English breakfast as well. Also WiFi works everywhere in the hostel.  I also had the best roommates in Lisbon – of course, they were from Australia (not surprised cos Aussies are very nice people), we pretty much became buddies on the trip and I tagged along with them everywhere they went – One of the many reasons I love staying in hostels.



How I spent my days:
I can not remember my days in order but I did take notes on everything I did, so I’ll just write in general.  On my first night, given that I was so tired from partying nonstop in Ibiza, I opted for a chill night.  I went on the hostel tour to the Alfama district. The Alfama district is an example of the typical communal district you will find in Lisbon – it is the oldest district in the city of Lisbon (It reminded me of the Favelas in Rio).


We got a night glimpse of Largo de Santa Ana – this place has absolutely gorgeous views if you are into things like that. It is very romantic and relaxing (a bottle of wine and good conversation typa view). We also walked around historic Lisbon – we went to the famous Broken back Alley Way (in Portuguese it is called beco do quebra costas) – this staircase is some work out for sure – in fact walking in the city is an entire workout. After taking a stroll around the Alfama district, we stopped at this hole in the wall restaurant called Ha Moeles Caracois – I don’t remember what I had here but I know it was good. It was a local restaurant, we had some local snack. then we went to a local bar to listen to some Fado music at A tasca do Chico – this was an interesting experience, I really enjoyed it.


It was so hot in Lisbon, I stayed indoors for the most part during the day and around 3pm headed out to do some touristy stuff.  My roomies headed out to Sintra the next day but I was still exhausted from the day before so I decided to spend my day resting (I figured another reason to go back to Lisbon would be to visit Sintra). Later in the evening, I headed out to town, just walked around the city – grabbed some food and explored the city.  I visited the famous St. George’s Castle, and on my way I stopped for lunch at Cruzes Credo restaurant – the food was amazing (I got the Arroz con gambas – so yummy) . I went to St Georges Castle to get a great view of the city – YES it is worth the “discounted price” or if you wanna pay 7.50 euros for the view. I paid $7.50 for an entry ticket to the castle (If you a student don’t forget your id, you get entry discounts to most tourist places).   After leaving the castle, I stopped for dinner at Comidas de Santiago – the ambiance is really nice but food was just okay or I probably didn’t order the right thing (Other folks food looked good).  The guy who served me was Nigerian (haa…these folks are everywhere man).


I headed back to the hostel, took a nap, then headed out to explore the night life with my roomies and other folks from the hostel. We went to the Bairro Alto district – this is famous for bars and clubs. Everyone stands outside drinking and chatting (reminded me a lot of Brazil- I guess it is a Portuguese thing). We went to the best Mojito bar called “be you bar” in Bairro Alto – the best mojitos in my opinion.  We bar hopped for the rest of the night  – went to some bar that played live music called Portas Largas bar – we ordered a drink and just enjoyed the band play.  


The next day we went to the Flea Market at the Monastery. We walked from out hostel to the market – it was not so hard to navigate.  I couldn’t resist the great deals at the market – I definitely had to buy something. After walking around the market, we stopped to grab some snacks at this lemonade place that seemed pretty popular.  The place is called  Marias Com Chocolate – the lemonade was really really good.  After lemonade, we headed to Belem for Tarts – YES – the birth place of  Portuguese tarts. We took tram 15e to Belem and got off at Mosteiro Jeronimos  busstop, close to the Belem Tower. After taking pictures by the tower, we headed straight to Pasteis de Belem for the best tarts you could ever have in this world.  Bought some tarts, then I scooped a cup of Starbucks coffee and we went to the park to eat and relax. After about an hour or so, we headed back to the hostel.  



Later that night we went out to explore more of the night life in Portugal.  We went back to Portas Largas bar and then bar hopped around Cais do Sodre district. I’m not even really sure what we did that night, I know we ended up bar hopping as usual.  The next day, we decided to explore Lisbon by walking around the city. I think that is the best way to experience Lisbon, just walk around the old town – you can’t really get lost, just keep going and have fun with it.


We walked to Puerto de Sol in Lisbon, it also has a great view of the city.  Then later that evening we went to eat at Bomjardim Restaurante -this place has the best Portuguese chicken – you have to eat here (well I haven’t had others but it was definitely good).   I stayed in that night and packed for my flight to Prague the next morning.   I had dinner at Cafe Victoria – It is good for sandwiches.  I took the Aerobus back to the airport. The only thing I was sad about on this trip was not making it to Sintra, but the good thing is I get to go back to Lisbon and I definitely plan on visiting the town of Sintra.  




IMG_4297Found Love in Lisbon 🙂