Architectural Paradise

After Lisbon, then there was Praha…  I’m so glad I added Prague to my list of cities for this trip – It was totally worth it.  I spent four days in Prague.  When I arrived, I took a bus from the airport to the train station and then took the train to my hostel location.  At first, I found it a little bit tricky to navigate the city at first but after about 2 days, I became familiar with the city.


Where I visited:
Prague is a very cool city – apparently it used to be called the golden city and I can totally see why. I love the diversity of the city – a mix of both modern and traditional way of life. The architecture and colors are amazing. The buildings in Prague are so beautiful – I even got tired of taking pictures of all the beautiful houses in this city ( I saw a pink and green house that looked so gorgeous). I had heard so much about Prague’s beauty but I’m glad I experienced it firsthand.



Prague is also a clean and relatively safe city, so it made falling in love with the city easier. I personally think Prague is a great city for young adults looking for a nice career but still want to maintain a fun lifestyle – I noticed that people drove nice cars and I saw a lot of professionals (I think there are a lot of wealthy people in Prague).  It is kinda hard to navigate your way around Prague, so I advise you to use a map until you get familiar with the city.  If you want full tourists activities – the old town called Stare Mesto has a lot of historical sites (I guess with most European cities).  I didn’t see traffic or pedestrian lights in the old town –  so you gotta watch for the trams and cars before crossing the streets.


I spent a day walking around the non-tourist part of town called Zizkov and Vinohrady (it kinda reminded me of city mix between DC and NYC – I really liked it. this was when I fell in love with Prague the most). Prague has a lot of random parks in between the city by most of the residential neighborhoods – dog lovers would enjoy this city.   I also noticed a lot of fresh fruits markets in Prague for really cheap prices too. And of course if you love beer, this is the place to be. Prague is beer heaven (it is ridiculously cheap too – about $1.50)
Random fact I learned on the trip: Prague has the most people who drink the most beer, proportionally on average is 1.5 liters per day per person. Generally the food in Prague is good –   I enjoyed almost every meal I ate. Beef and Pork-Sausage are very popular here.


Where I stayed:
I stayed at the Mosaic House – one of the Christopher’s Inn hostel chain. It is looks like a hotel – the room I stayed was really nice and the beds were so comfortable. They have a bar downstairs called Belushis Bar. It has a nice lounge and it pretty much turns to a club at night. It is also a very good pregame spot before hitting the Prague nightlife (they usually have happy hour). The hostel was located in Nove Mesto (new town) but it is a walking distance to Stare Mesto (old town).


How I spent my days:
Day 1:  I got into Prague in the evening. Once I was checked in, my cool Australian roommates decided to take me on a tour of the city – we walked to the old town, went to the market square (I got this sausage and potatoes type dish from the square), then we walked around the old town for a lil bit, then we came back to the hostel and headed to a cocktail bar called Nebe Cocktail and Music Bar. They have really nice cocktails at a decent price. We stayed there for a lil bit, then headed back to the room to sleep. 



Day 2:  I signed up for a walking tour (I usually like these because I get to learn so much history about the country). I learned so much about Prague history on this tour – I won’t bore y’all with history on here but it was definitely great info.

Little historical info – Prague folks are called bohemians. The region started out as Bohemia, then Czechoslovakia, then split to Czech and Slovenia.


We went on a tour of the old town – visited the Astronomical clock ( I think every hour the clock has a special performance),  visited the Jewish quarters, went to the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad), the Petrin Tower Strahov, and the Charles Bridge. The castles in Prague are amazing –  I’ve visited castles in other countries but in Prague the castles are like their own cities – you can find everything in the castle.  We also walked to the street with the expensive stores – it is called Parisca (for shopaholics).  During the tour, I randomly bumped into some Nigerians dressed in full Nigerian regalia in summer – buhahaha these folks are everywhere man.


After the walking tour, we went to a restaurant called  Gurman Flint for traditional Czech food -the Pork Goulash was really good. After lunch, some of us set out to explore the city (some really cool and nice guys from Ireland, and one from South Korea and few of us from America). We stopped by this really beautiful restaurant and bar by the beer monastery on top of the hill – it is called Bellavista – the view from here is beyond amazing (definitely romantic). I had this brandy called Slivovice Czech brandy –  clear like liquor and it tasted so nasty – definitely not trying that again.   Later that evening, I had dinner at Zebra Asian Noodle Bar somewhere in the old town – although the service was great, I wasn’t really impressed with the food.



IMG_4037 IMG_4069


Later that night, I went on the pub crawl with the hostel. We stopped at a couple of bars- Usudu, Vodka bar, Double Trouble – before heading to the main club – Karolvy Lazne (historical club in Prague. This club is crazy – it has about 5 levels and an ice bar).  I ran into my Brazilian roommies at the club (really cool guys and we connected very well, I’m looking forward to them opening their dream shop in Porto, Portugal when they finally decide to move out of Brazil 🙂 ) It was definitely a long night exploring the night life in Prague – pretty wild tinz. So many funny things happened during the pub crawl walks – probably too explicit for this blog but yes another reason I love traveling – random experiences you can’t get in your comfort zone (an Argentinian boy asking a Czech guy for weed and the man ignored him. then he turned to me and said does he think I’m a drug dealer hahah)



Day 3: The next day, I decided to walk to the non-touristy parts of town – Vinohrady and Zizkov. I visited the Zizkov Tower and Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden – I think this is a really cool thing to do if you want to have a chill time, I enjoyed the beer garden experience. I stopped by this cute ice cream and yogurt shop called Vanille in this part of town  – I really enjoyed the ice cream and  it was perfect for the summer weather.  I really enjoyed walking around this part of town –  looking at all the beautiful houses and their colors, and just understanding the dichotomy of the different neighborhoods.



Day 4:  I decided to walk around the old town to buy some souvenirs – walked around old town square and then took the train to Vysehrad (it is definitely worth the trip). The castle has a beautiful cemetery inside. It also has a beautiful park. You get to see the view of old/touristy Prague and on the other side of the river you get a view of suburbs.  After walking for about 2 hours in Vysehrad Castle/Park, I stopped at a restaurant in from of the castle called Garden Restaurant. I ordered Beef goulash in bread bowl (It was so good, it was one of the best meals I had while in Prague). Later that evening, I stopped at famous Cafe Louvre – traditional historical cafe. I ordered Silny Hovezi Vyvarstrong beef broth with Tyrolese dumpling (dumpling here is like bread, so just picture soaking bread in water – gross). The food I ordered was just okay. I think the place is better for breakfast and brunch type food.  



I spent the rest of the night chilling/gisting at the hostel, then packing and getting ready to fly back to NYC the next day.  The hardest part of traveling is saying goodbye. I didn’t want my trip to end, but I definitely enjoyed every time on my second Euro Trip.  One thing I wish I did was make it to Letenske Sady (Beer garden in Letna). Till my next Euro Trip and maybe Prague in the near future…Cheers!!