Con amor de Malaga

On Feb 15 my roommate convinced me to go bicycle riding with her around the city of Malaga. This was my 3rd attempt to ride a bike in recent years (after about 20 years learning to ride when I was a kid- please don’t judge me, I’m Nigerian LOL). My first experience tryna get back to riding (no pun intended) after so many years was in Central Park NYC – it was an absolute disaster. I fell off the bike going down hill in the park. After this I said to myself that I’d never ride again. My second attempt was when I visited Costa Rica’s beach town Puerto Viejo. In this situation, I had no choice but to ride because that was the main form of public transportation – the roads weren’t busy, so it was easier for me to ride slowly (Oh I mean crawl *covers face*).



The 3rd attempt was in Malaga, Spain. This time I was learning to ride on the main streets and the busy beach sidewalks. I was completely freaked out at first with the idea of riding a bicycle again. When we got to Rafas Bicycle Rental, I was so nervous but my roomie assured me that it would be alright. So we rented our bikes and started our approximately 10miles (RT) journey from our apartment in El Palo to Malaga Centro.



The day before, I read a daily word that talked about eliminating the spirit of fear and allowing faith to rule(It is so funny because I didn’t think I’ll need to practice that so soon). So I decided that I’ll attempt to ride this bike around Malaga with faith and not fear. We started off driving in circles in an open space to get me warmed up. It was a rough start for me but eventually got better. I wasn’t riding too well on the crowded beach sidewalks but when I got some space, I picked up my pace.  At some point, I was doing really good and then suddenly, I panicked because I was riding towards a narrow street really close to the road – so I fell.  At that moment it dawned on me that fear is really the root of not succeeding.  


So here are the lesson learned from my full attempt to ride a bike –

1. Fear would conquer you if you allow it – get it out of your mind. Once you feel you can do something then suddenly stuff becomes easier. At one point I just started to enjoy the ride and it was really beautiful and relaxing. The cool sea breeze calming my nerves as we rode past the beach. It felt very refreshing and I was doing really good, until I PANICKED.

2. Do not panic. Something about panicking changed everything about this smooth ride I was having. I was doing good until I panicked then I fell. I panicked because I was scared of hitting the light pole as I was getting closer to the narrow street. The result of my panic was a terrible fall, which I probably woulda avoided if I didn’t panic.


Overall, it was a great day to explore Malaga on bike – the weather was just perfect and I had the best teacher. I finally rode a bike successfully. PS: I was so sore and my butt hurt real bad.


Love From Malaga