Andalucian “Southern” Hospitality – Cordoba

My next southern experience was in Cordoba, Spain. I almost didn’t want to take the day trip to Cordoba because the weather forecast predicted rain for that day, but I decided to sign up anyways. It was a rainy tour day in Cordoba. I didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted because of the rain but I enjoyed the experience.  Cordoba is a nice city and it is also very historical. The small streets are very beautiful and has that antigua (old) plus a modern city around the old historical town feel. It reminded me of the city of Malaga (in my opinion it is very similar in set up) but Cordoba is much more classic.  Cordoba also had heavy Arab influence and as a result you can see a lot of the Arabian style architecture around the city.




We walked around the old city and then visited Alcazar De les Reyes Cristiano – a very interesting church that is a blend of a mosque and church.  During my trip to Cordoba, one of the men on the tour, an older guy, told me he enjoyed taking pictures of doors and that he has countless images and printouts of pictures of doors he’d taken in every country he has visited. I thought this was a good idea because I enjoy taking pictures of street lights in countries I visit – especially in Europe – I think they are so beautiful.  So I am going to start a collection of all the light pictures I have.  In general, for those that want to spend a few days in Cordoba,  I think Cordoba is a good one or two day trip. Enjoy the pictures: