Andalucian “Southern” Hospitality – Ronda

You cannot live in Andalucia, Spain and not visit the beautiful city of Ronda? YUP, not wise. It is an absolute must to visit beautiful Ronda while in this region.  I’m glad I got the opportunity to visit. Although it was yet another rainy day in Ronda, the trip was worth it. Ronda is a good 1-day trip. If you want to spend a little more time exploring, 2 days is fine.
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On my trip to Ronda,  I sat beside my Korean classmate who lives in Montreal. I enjoyed talking to her and getting adult advice. She is 62 years old and she told me she made a list of things she wants to do before she clocks 80 – pretty amazing to know that we can continue “making lists” no matter what age we are, as long as you live and have breath – Anything is possible. One thing she said she wished she did when she was younger was “traveled and lived in different countries in order to learn the culture and the language”. According to her, “while you are young do all what you want to do”.  Although there is nothing wrong in still living your dreams when you are older but she said when you’re young you have so much more energy to do these things. Have you thought about what you wanna do in life or what you want out of life?
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It’s all about the Toro (Bull)
I’m a sucker for fine jewelry, so I couldn’t resist taking a picture
Anywhoo, we made it to Ronda. And although it was a rainy day, the beauty of the place, the AMAZING views, and incredible walls made it worth the trip.  You have to visit Ronda if you’re in the Andalucian area.  Due to the weather, we didn’t get to go to the bottom of the walls, nonetheless, the views from the top were just as amazing.
Amazing Views
The tour team
Our Famous Tour guide posing beside the Semana Santa attire (No, it is not the KKK) and my Korean classmate photobombing
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Visit to La Colegiata De Santa Maria
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Marathon  Day in Ronda – tried to capture a few of the runners
Hasta Luego Ronda
After our trip to Ronda, we drove through Marbella on the coast line. The ride was very scenic and there were a lot of beautiful houses on the mountains. It reminded me of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. It was such a pleasant ride with amazing views – we could see Gibraltar from here. We stopped at Puerto Banus in Marbella and we spent about an hour there. We walked around the port – it has a lot of restaurants and luxurious shops. If you enjoy shopping at top name brand stores, Marbella is the place for you. It is definitely the Beverly Hills of Andalusia.
Property going for over 2 millions Euros
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