The town of Travnik

I decided to visit the city of Travnik on day 3. The sun is not out today 😦 it’s a rainy day in Sarajevo and Travnik. I got on the 1pm bus from Sarajevo bus station, which is located behind the American Embassy. It cost me 15.50 marks for a one way ticket to Travnik. I didn’t find it difficult finding the station and getting a ticket. I will be meeting Selma’s friends Dennis and Isam in Travnik and they’re going to be tour guides. Travnik is a small city just about 2 hours north of Sarajevo. I hope the rain doesn’t prevent us from enjoying the city’s bliss.




I slept halfway through the journey. I’ve traveled so much that my body has now been programmed to sleep when I’m commuting. I caught a little of the view and it was quite nice, I mean green.



As we got closer to Travnik, I see so many houses in the suburbs that reminds me of houses in the countryside. It almost felt like I was somewhere in the Caribbean – houses built with bricks with their own compound demarcated by fences.



There is an abundance of green in Travnik, no wonder the name which means “grass” in English. If you want that quiet countryside feel, Travnik is a good place.



I met up with Dennis and Isam and they showed me around the city. We walked around the downtown area – btw so many stray dogs in Travnik and Sarajevo. Travnik is a very small city but has a unique soul to it- you know, your typical small town where everyone knows each other. It’s like a big family, which makes it more special. We stopped for coffee and pizza at the old market which is now a place for restaurants. After lunch, we went up to the old city and got an amazing view of the city and one of Bosnia’s many springs. The view was really nice.
Luckily for us, by the time we were getting to the top of the old city the sun was coming out.





Random fact- There are about 18 mosques in Travnik – that’s a lot for a small town. After enjoying the view we went to a nice bar beside the old city called Vremeplov – Lady D apparently sat on one of the chairs in this restaurants. Vremeplov is a vintage bar/lounge unique to Travnik – most bars just have simple chairs and tables but this bar is very beautiful and vintage inside (make sure you go into the men’s bathroom for one more surprise). We had drinks and chatted for a bit. Later, we drove back to the bus station to catch the 6:30pm bus back to Sarajevo (the buses run quite frequently between these cities).



If a lot of people were as nice as these guys I have met on this trip, the world would definitely be a better place. They treated me just like family and I’m so amazed at how genuine they are. I’ve met so many incredible people through my journeys and it’s making me realize that sometimes the nicest people are those we think we don’t have a lot in common with like race, gender, culture, religion, etc. We are all humans after all. I’m also learning that it’s important to be nice to other people even if you don’t know them. I spent the rest of the night hanging out and gisting at one of Selma’s friends’  apartment.


Today I’m heading to Mostar, another city south of Sarajevo. Before catching the bus (runs frequently) or train (2 trains, there’s one at 7am and another at 6pm – the train apparently has the best views in Europe) I will walk around the old city, buy some souvenirs, grab some food, and of course, coffee. 😘😘