Something about Mostar

I spent a little time reading yesterday morning before walking around the old city of Sarajevo to take my final pictures of the city before heading to the town of Mostar. I had breakfast at this local restaurant and the food was pretty good or more like authentic – which generally I find Bosnian food to be really good. The folks at the restaurant were looking at me like I walked into the wrong place. For me, there is nothing better than local restaurants with home cooked food and that’s what my heart wanted before leaving Sarajevo.

20140501-213936.jpg 20140501-214142.jpg  20140501-214220.jpg

Btw 2 days ago as I was waiting on the tram heading to the bus station, this lady was twitching her eyes at me and I’m like WTH. Initially I was wondering if she had something in her eyes until I realized she was signaling at me. Apparently she was trying to warn me to watch my bag because there was a lady in front me that seemed like she wanted to rob me. Once I figured what her deal was, I immediately acknowledged her gesture and said thank you. I had a good laugh at that.  Anywhoos, another good thing to know about Bosnia is that things are relatively cheap here – now that’s what I’m talking bout. *in my ghetto accent*


I got on the 4pm bus from Sarajevo to Mostar. The bus rides here are quite crazy. The drivers speed on small windy roads and through dark tunnels driving so fast ‘ I was holding my heart for a long minute. So get ready for one heck of a ride if you’re traveling within Bosnia. The huge compensation to the crazy drive though is the view – we were driving through huge rock formations mostly covered with trees, mixed with rocks with no trees plus the greenish color of the flowing water gives the view this unique character to it.  We continue our journey and the bus stops to pick up more people at this little town called Konjic. Two Nigerian guys hop on the bus – honestly I’m not kidding when I say these folks are everywhere. Like WTH are you doing in Bosnia with a strong Nigerian accent dont judge me). The hustle is real yo – anyways I feel a connection between Nigeria and Bosnia, so I can see why they are here – the countries are quite similar especially politically.

Welcome to Mostar


I finally made it to Mostar and so far, I like what I see. It’s very different from Sarajevo. I’m staying at Hostel Miran and it’s so nice here. Miran is a really nice guy and he’s very helpful and genuine. He’s a good guy. The hostel is more like a bed and breakfast – very homely. A nice lady was kind enough to take me to the hostel when I couldn’t find my way from the bus station. She actually knew Miran, the owner of the hostel. You see what I mean when I say these folks are really nice.


Last night, I enjoyed the sound of the rain while I slept like a baby in the private room Miran gave me. This morning, I woke up late as usual and I got some bonding time with Miran – yes I’m officially in love with Bosnians. These people are so passionate about their country and I think the most interesting thing to me is that I get to meet people who actually witnessed and survived the war. Listening to the stories firsthand is such a privilege and I have a new found respect for Bosnians – I actually shed a tear this morning listening to some of the stories – more stories tomorrow.

20140501-214824.jpgthe old bridge



It stopped raining in Mostar and so I was able to explore the city a little. I walked to the old part of the city. It was really nice and unique – something about Mostar’s old city is very welcoming – it’s very cozy and small. I walked to the old bridge and got some pretty pictures. I basically just wandered around the old part of town. At about 4pm, myself and two other guys from the hostel went to this village called Blagaj. I had no idea where we were going to but I decided to hop in the car and tag along with the boys. I didn’t know what to expect but when we arrived we were immediately transported to paradise.  The incredible waterfalls and natural springs is a good reason to love this country – it is beyond amazing. We had dinner at this nice restaurant by the water and the food was amazeballs. It was absolutely beautiful out there and of course the view is to die for.


20140501-223342.jpgguy jumping off the old bridge


20140501-223408.jpgviews of life




20140501-223527.jpgthe Mostar crew




the food was amazing


There’s something about Mostar that is very attractive. I’m in love with the town. I can’t place my hand on what it is about the city that is making me fall in love – maybe the deep history and traces of war that is still very much prevalent in the town or the mix of communism and capitalism in the cities set up that makes this very small town unique, which is now fast becoming a popular tourist destination.