Bye Mostar, Hello Dubrovnik

The weather was perfect on day 3 in Mostar, so we went on Miran’s popular tour of Mostar and some surrounding towns in Herzegovina. At about 1pm we set out to the town of Čapljina to see the magnificent waterfall called Kravice. Čapljina is about 22km from Mostar. Everyone from my tour got into the water except myself because my clever self forgot to bring my swimwear.





On our way back to Mostar we stopped at Počitelj – a 39 person village. The views from Počitelj is nice – I was able to get a couple of selfies here. It’s a very pretty, quiet and cozy place to stop for a few hours to relax and enjoy the views.






Random Vending Machine on the path to the top of the castle

We stayed there for 30 minutes then we drove to the top of the mountain very close to Mostar, which is about 800 meters tall. This mountain is where the armies were stationed for battle during the war. We went to old bonkers and saw remains of the sniper hideouts used during the war. We also got to see a great view of the entire town of Mostar.


At around 6pm we drove back to Mostar for the war tour. The war tour is very informative and gives you a better understanding about the history of Bosnia, specifically Mostar. It also gives you perspective and understanding to see why things are the way they are today in Mostar. For example, when you are in Mostar, it’s hard to find street names, that is if the street has one. This is because of the political situation in the country – I won’t delve into this but you get the gist. I barely used street names to navigate because I didn’t find them – I just kept walking.

The street that divides East and West Mostar








Yesterday I left Mostar to Croatia – it rained all day yesterday. I also had my visa entry nervousness so I started praying that everything goes well at the border. The bus from Mostar to Dubrovnik was quite nice and comfortable. I paid 32 Marks for a one way from Mostar to Dubrovnik.



I made it into Croatia but the border checks are ridiculous. We had to go through 3 border checks to get into Croatia – apparently this is very common when traveling between these Eastern European countries. Luckily for me, my schengen visa worked and I was good to go. I met two guys from London on the bus who were just returning from a an adventurous trip to Kotor, Montenegro and they said it was very beautiful, so I may take a day trip there. Kotor is about 2hours from Dubrovnik and Montenegro allows you to use your schengen visa for a stay of up to 7 days in the country. Also here is a website I found last night on places you can visit in Europe with a Schengen Visa or UK or US visa. I think this pretty much covers Europe 😊😟. Please also confirm with countries Consulate before travel.



I’m in Dubrovnik and so far it’s not bad but I do miss Bosnia. Dubrovnik is very touristy and expensive, although very pretty. I’m going to be in Dubrovnik for 4 days which is way more than enough time in Dubrovnik, so considering taking an organized day trip to Kotor. Dubrovnik is a very small town and can be done in 2 days. I’m staying at Fresh Sheets Hostel. It is really cute inside but it’s small. The rooms were clean and staff was nice. Not a bad stay