Where I visited:
I visited Sevilla, Spain in February. We took a road trip to Sevilla – I found a car on BlahBlah Cars (Javier n Alejandro) and the guys we drove with were really cool and nice.  The drive to Sevilla was pure bliss and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking – I really do enjoy road trips in Europe.


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Sevilla is a very beautiful city. The unstructured set up of the old town mixed with train lines and tourists spots like plazas and mini parks, the street lights and the bold yellow and maroon colors of the buildings all make it very cute.  The old city of Sevilla is very antigua. Being the capital of Andalusia, it’s very rich in history – a good place to learn more about the Arab settlement in Andalusia.

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For me it was not easy to navigate the city-  it was such a pain.  Make sure you follow the map as much as possible because GPS doesn’t work that great here. The one thing I didn’t like is the dog poop everywhere – Sevilla wasn’t the cleanest place honestly.  There was also so much pollen and I developed bad allergies throughout my stay there. Food wise I enjoyed every restaurant I ate at – there were a lot of good restaurants in Sevilla.


Where I stayed
We stayed at the Garden Backpackers hostel. The hostel was really nice and the staff were very helpful. The hostel had free sangria at 6:30pm till 8pm, paella at 8:30pm on Saturday and pub crawl at 10:40pm every night. They did not have breakfast at the hostel which was a bummer.



How I spent my days:
Day 1: On the day we arrived, we went for the free evening walking tour around Sevilla’s old city.  One of the highlights of this tour was visiting Plaza de Espana and Parque Maria – You have to visit these places when you visit Sevilla – absolutely stunning. After the 3 hour tour, we took a nap and later that night went on the pub crawl. The pub crawl was fun – we went to a couple of bars then a night club called Abril.

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Our famous tour guide – he is one of the bests

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You see this symbol everywhere you go in Sevilla – it signifies eternity (there is this huge history behind the symbol)

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Day 2: The next day Saturday, I decided to wander around the city alone- I wanted to bond with the town and just have some time to reflect. Walking around the city got me more familiar with the roads and maps, as a result navigating got easier. I went to Alameda de Hercules square, then I walked to Triana, a city on the other side of Sevilla divided by water and connected by a bridge.  Triana is less touristy, it has a lot of ceramics sculpture and a lot of restaurants on Calle San Jacinto and also by the canal there are a couple of restaurants. After walking around Triana, I went to the top of the mushrooms called Las Setas.  Later that evening, we went on another evening tour of the city. We went to the Cathedral, the Alcazar (we didnt get to go inside but I heard its totally worth a visit), Castilla de Leon, La Gildradar and the Jewish Quarters called Santa Cruz apparently the narrow streets at the Jewish Quarters were designed for protection, to maximize space and to stay cooler in summer because it gets really hot in Andalusia.

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IMG_1289 IMG_1302 IMG_1304 IMG_1311 IMG_1356 IMG_1362 IMG_1359 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1382

IMG_8191 IMG_1377 IMG_1378

IMG_1384 IMG_1388

IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1411La Gildradar

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IMG_2335IMG_2334Tapas from Los Coloniales

Day 3: On Sunday we were supposed to go for breakfast at Cacharerria (they have good breakfast here according to reviews) on Regina street but ended up at La Merceria on Regina.   I had to get some pastry from Robles Laredo – the pastry here took me to heaven and back (the decor inside is beautiful with the chandelier – I couldn’t resist taking a picture, you know I have a thing for lights).  Then I  went to Bella Arts Museum and it was really nice. There was a cool nice arts market in front of the museum – I did some window shopping.  After visiting the museum, I stopped at Jaipur indian restaurant by Las Setas for lunch  (I had gotten a flier froma  guy the day before). The food here was really good. After lunch, I headed out to meet up with the other girls so we could head back to Malaga. We got our bags and walked to meet the guys who we rode down with for our ride back to Malaga.


Best Pastries I had in Sevilla









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A few places that I liked when I visited Sevilla that I would recommend:

Great tapas: Las Azotella, Los Coloniales, La Huerta, La Raza

Must have drinks in Sevilla: La Rebujitos,

Bars: La Provençal bar,  The area Larena, Sala Garufa