Islands of Brač and Hvar

I went on a day trip from Split to the island of Brač. To get to Brač, take a ferry from Split to Supetar, and then when you get to Supetar, you can take a taxi or the bus to Bol beach or you can wander around the town of Supetar – I walked around the port, grabbed coffee at a restaurant and just enjoyed the view.





Then I took the bus to Bol – it cost me 56kuna round trip. On the bus it is about 1hr.20mins from Supetar to Bol ( the bus rides through the entire island). I think taxi is about 35-40 minutes. So pick your poison. Bol is the last bus stop on the bus, so don’t worry about getting off earlier because it’s a long bus ride. Make sure you check ferry times and plan accordingly. From Bol busstop to the beach, it is about a 20-30mins walk. You can walk on the path or on the beach. I walked on the beach in between the rocks.


Bol is a cute little town on the island. It has lots of hotels and resorts, beach homes, and beach bars. I heard it gets very busy in the summer. Bol has a beach and the beach here is a pebble beach like most beaches in Croatia. There’s not much sand, all you see is pebbles. It is quite a big beach. I laid down for a little bit to enjoy the view and relax. It was very relaxing here but I heard it gets very busy in the summer. I met a local guy from Bol and he told me that it’s much better to take the 4pm direct ferry from Split to Bol – spend a night and full day in Bol – then head to the island of Hvar from Bol – spend another day and night there – then head back to Split from Hvar on the direct ferry. It’s a good way to get to see the islands if you have some time or if you’re traveling on a romantic trip and you want to enjoy the islands. If you’re just about touching every island and not traveling with much luggage or you’re just on an adventure trip like myself, it’s okay to go on the long ride to Bol from Split on a day trip and return to busy town of Split – unless you come during peak season where the island gets crowded, then spending a night is worth it. If you’re planning a day trip to Bol, I advise you to leave Split early in the morning, so that way you get a full day in Bol. I spent about 2hrs in Bol. It was okay for me because I just wanted to see the island. I got on the 5.50pm bus from Bol back to Supetar, then ferry back to Split.











 Some men repainting the boats getting them ready for the summer. Very cool guys




 View of the town of Bol from the bus


On my last day in Split, I decide to spend a night on the island of Hvar – one of the advantages of having a flexible travel schedule. I tried to get on the 2pm direct ferry from Split to Hvar but it was sold out – apparently tickets sell out and no one thought to mention that. So if you’re on a tight schedule, I’d advice you get your ticket earlier just to be safe.



I ended up taking the 4pm direct ferry. It is about 1hr.15mins ferry ride from Split to Hvar town. You can also take a ferry from Split to Starigrad, then when you get to Starigrad, take a bus or taxi to Hvar town. I heard it is about a 2hr boat ride to Starigrad and then a 30 minute bus ride from Starigrad to Hvar town. If you want to explore Starigrad then that’s a route to take. If not, the direct ferry is the best bet. While waiting to catch the 4pm ferry, I met a lovely couple from Scotland. They lived in Australia and New Zealand for about 2 years and during that time traveled around Asia. We exchanged travel stories and they inspired me to make the trip to Southeast Asia (maybe that would be my next tript). While we were drinking at the bar, we ran into 3 travelers I met the day before at Villa Spiza restaurant, they joined us for drinks and we all chatted till the 4pm ferry ride. Can you imagine how small these towns are – chances are you’d see someone you met the day before (this also happened to me twice in Dubrovnik)


When I arrived Hvar, it was quite late so I decided to spend an extra night – this way I can get to go to the beach and explore the town. I stayed at Luka’s Lodge Hostel. This is exactly what I needed for a nice and relaxing weekend. I definitely recommend you to stay here – they have private rooms as well. Hvar has apparently become more popular in recent years for its wild parties during the summer, so this makes Hvar more popular than Brač and of course more touristy. Hvar town is cute and just like most towns on the islands in Croatia. I explored the city by walking the circumference of the town and I visited the fortress to get a view of the town. At the top, there’s a restaurant where you can chill and get drinks. I met this nice couple from NYC and they convinced me to get this cute white hat that they bought earlier.




Hvar has a couple of pebble stone beaches but the best is Pokonji Dol. It’s quite small but it’s a nice beach. It has two beach restaurants. I ate at Mustaco beach restaurant. It’s right by the beach and the food was good. I attempted to get in the water but it was soo cold – I got in eventually. I took a nap on the beach after eating at the restaurant. The past couple of days have been nice in Split, so the perfect beach weather. Hvar and Brač are some of the most beautiful islands I have seen so far on my trip in Croatia – the water there is just beautiful, clear, blue and clean. I’m heading to Zadar next and I’m looking forward to visiting Plitvice lakes (I heard its flooded there now, I hope I can make the trip). At the end of my trip in Croatia, I would write what I think about each town I visited.





Somehow ended up buying this hat


 Pokonji Dol Beach


I love Spaghetti…food from Mustaco Restaurant


Cool bottle of Olive Oil







Sunset walking back into town