Making my way inland Croatia

I departed Hvar island to Split on Sunday, the 9th of May on the 9.15am ferry (the weekday schedules run differently). Then I got on the 11am bus from Split to Zadar. It cost 110kuna and the bus ride is about 3.5hrs.

Where I visited:
I arrived Zadar at about 2.30pm, checked in and immediately went out to explore the city. I stayed at the Drunken Monkey hostel in Zadar. It is not located in the old town,it’s about a 25mins walk to the old town (walking while traveling is how I get my mini workouts in). It was a nice hostel, very spacious, it even has a mini pool and nice backyard with a hammock and a barbecue grill.


I walked around the old town. You can explore the old part of town in 3hours or less. The old town of Zadar looked more like a new town to me, definitely newer buildings when compared to Split or Dubrovnik. Some of the buildings must have been reconstructed. I didn’t get a guided tour of the city, so I can’t give any historical facts other than the pictures of the churches and buildings I captured while walking around. It was really quiet in the city because it was a Sunday. Zadar is your regular suburban city – more family oriented, quiet, fenced houses with mini farms and vineyards. I felt like I was in one of the suburbs in Maryland, USA.



The only bridge in Zadar

The old town has wide streets which is not typical of really ancient old towns. I wandered around for a couple of hours, went to the waterside to listen to the Sea Organs, which I thought was pretty cool. I stayed out there for a little bit but the weather wasn’t so good, so I didn’t sit out there for so long. I had lunch at Canzona Restaurant and the food was pretty good. Another restaurant people recommended which has good Croatian food is Bruschetta. After lunch, I had ice cream at the best icecream shop in town called Donat Sladoledi – it was good and not expensive.


Man listening to the Sea Organ
Enjoying Ice Cream20140515-111122.jpg20140515-111256.jpg
Saw this dog and I fell in love20140515-111316.jpg

The rest of the night was a quiet night for me. I had been traveling all day and also felt sick, so I just took meds and slept in.
On my last day before heading to the city of Zagreb, I decided to tour the Ugljan Island near Zadar. The ferry leaves from the old town in Zadar to the town of Preko.  The island reminded me of islands you see in the Caribbean – very quiet, roads not perfect, small communities and family oriented villages. It cost me 30kuna for a round trip ferry ticket.  There wasn’t so much to do on the island, so I walked around the streets and along the water till I got to the beach called Plaza Jaz.  I sat for a few minutes by the water and just enjoyed the view of the water that looked like a big swimming pool. It was such a relaxing time for me to meditate and get some alone time before heading out on a 3.5hr bus ride to Zagreb. I spent about 2hrs on the island – it was just good enough for some alone time. I spent some time having lunch at Joso Restaurant in Preko – I ordered an octopus salad and it was fantastic. The waiter was also really nice and the service was good – well I was the only one in the restaurant (this happens quite often when I travel).  I remembered I didn’t take a picture after I had finished grubbing the entire plate – I was so hungry. Sorry guys

Welcome to Preko


That Caribbean feel20140515-111432.jpg20140515-111347.jpgThe swimming pool effect
I made my way inland, away from the beautiful Dalmatian South Coast of Croatia to the Northern part of Croatia to the city of Zagreb. Luckily, I made the 4pm bus from Zadar to Zagreb. It is about a 3.5hrs drive – the drive to Zagreb though is very different from the other trips I’ve taken along the Dalmatian coast. The drive is filled with views of large expanse of greens, farmlands, trees and a few houses along the way. You know your typical country side drive view – it reminded me of the time I drove with friends from New Jersey to New Hampshire.

20140515-111442.jpgBye Zadar, Hello Zagreb