Never Rush Your Journey

It’s only appropriate I start the year with a blog post on this beautiful day, which happens to me my birthday – 1.15.15 Yayy! I’ve been thinking of how I would come back to the blogging world since my last post, which was ages ago according to blogging stats. Although I had written a couple of posts and saved in draft, I just couldn’t get to editing and publishing them. It’s a new year and I plan to be more active here despite an extremely busy work schedule and still adjusting to living in Nigeria.

November last year, I traveled to the U.S for thanksgiving. Btw, I had an amazing time in the states after about 1 year of hiatus. On one of my trips -from Philadelphia to NYC, something happened to me and I immediately wrote down this post below (my unfiltered thoughts as this incident happened):


As I sat at Overbrook station somewhere in the middle of Philadelphia, these words came to me. “Never Rush Your Journey”. I was rushing to catch a train from Philadelphia to NYC but I ended up on the wrong train. I found myself about 45 mins outside of Philadelphia on a chilly fall night. I sat down at the station trying to figure out how I ended up here and how I would get out of Overbrook back to the city. My mind traced back the events that led me here –

I was in such a hurry to catch a train from Philadelphia to NYC that I wasn’t paying attention to the signs and details. I was more concerned about the trains departure time and not missing the train that I just rushed in. I mean I caught a train but the wrong one. I actually didn’t realize but something kept speaking to my mind to ask if I was on the right train. Then I asked someone if that was the right train, and the person said NO. He advised me to get off the next stop and take the train back to 30th street station in Philly. I called my friend in Philly who looked up train times back to the city and assured me that I was going to be okay – thanks Chonli. I got off the train and waited for an hour for the next train back to the city. The train finally arrived and I started my journey all over. I eventually made it into NYC at about 10pm.


That’s when the words came to me – never rush your journey.  If you read that story properly, there are so many underlying messages we can apply to our daily lives:

1. Be time conscious but also pay attention to the signs and follow instructions. Don’t try to rush into something because everyone is doing it. Pay attention to the details and be sure it’s the right train.
2. You may catch a train with a final destination but it may not be the right destination for your end goal.
3. Ask questions along the way to ensure that you’re on the right track. People are always there to guide you. Don’t be scared to ask.
4. We all get second chances – get off the wrong train and hop in the right one. It’s never too late.
5. You can always count on family and friends to give you advice on next steps to take and make you feel better.
6. No matter how long you wait, the right train always comes back. Be sure not to miss it.
7. Don’t be scared to start the journey over- remember everything happens for reason.
8. No matter how long it takes to your final destination, you will still get there, as long as you’re on the right track.

As we continue our journey in life, in 2015 and the years ahead, Never Rush Your Journey. One of my favorite quotes by Joyce Meyer best sums it up “learn how to enjoy yourself on the way to where you’re going”.

Happy New Year Y’all!