Keke Napeping Around Lagos

After about 6 months in Lagos; incurring huge taxi ride costs from regular taxis and uber, I finally found a decent mode of transportation in Lagos. Glad I found you “Keke Napep” as is commonly called in Nigeria.

Living in a society where walking on the streets or taking public transport is seen as “razz” or extremely lower class, I beg to differ. I mean there are so many reasons why a lot of folks don’t use public transportation but in some cases, it’s not as bad as it seems or in some cases, it’s even necessary. I figured that if I was in the DR or some other developing country, I’ll definitely use their public transport to move around, so why not do so in Nigeria. We did use “motoconchos”
in DR aka “okada” in Nigeria to move around.

I find that walking a few blocks to catch a taxi or keke is a good form of exercise. I also find that taxis are overpriced. Hence my new found love for keke when it’s convenient for me. Once I discovered that I can get to my destination with one quarter of the price I’ll pay when taking a taxi, I became a huge fan of the keke. If you know me, you know that I’m all about saving costs when it matters.

If you’re visiting lagos and want to save on taxi fares, the keke is a decent alternative to move within the neighborhood. If you decide to stay in Lagos long term, then I’ll say definitely invest in a car and maybe a driver.

Here are some tips on keke Napeping in Lagos:

– Don’t wear your best outfit. I’ll suggest something comfy
– I wouldn’t take it to meetings or events, you don’t want to get there looking sweaty
– Avoid rush hour traffic, so you can enjoy the breeze
– You can always charter one (VIP status). It is still way cheaper than a taxi
– Use within neighborhoods, avoid the highways.
– Relax and enjoy. It’s not a bad experience, plus you’re saving money.