One Flight Away from a Dream

I was this “-” close to becoming a member of Emirates Airline cabin crew but I guess it wasn’t part of God’s master plan. I’m sharing this story to encourage people to give their dream/goal a shot – whether the outcome is positive or negative, the process is always an experience to remember. Working for Emirates was definitely one of my career goals- that is to work with Emirates as a Cabin crew member. Getting so close to what a glimpse of what my new life would have been was an amazing experience in itself and therefore I’m grateful. I already fantasized about traveling to different countries visa free, living and working in desert weather Dubai, building new relationships with future coworkers from all over the world, truly living that global citizen life. Although I must admit that I kept my fantasies on the low low because I didn’t want to be too excited then disappointed. The mere fact that I got to top 15 out of 103 people who showed up on the assessment day in NYC is a miracle in itself. I applied for the role sometimes last year and finally, I made it to an assessment day in a convenient location. I wasn’t confident that I would fit the Emirates cabin crew profile but I figured I might as well try it and give my dream a shot. Prior to the assessment day, I did some research online and  immediately I didn’t feel qualified enough for a role that the highest qualification needed was a high school diploma- how ironic. I was nervous yet excited at the same time.

 The assessment day look

The assessment day was on August 10, 2015. I got to the location at about 9am. The room was filled with super good looking people and for some I felt they didn’t even need to interview, they just needed to be handed the emirates uniform and famous red hat – they looked the part. After about 2.5 hours presentation about the firm, the role, living in Dubai, the wonderful benefits, among others, we submitted our resumes to the recruiter. She asked the group to wait outside for a few hours and then come back to check the board for the results of the first round. At about 12:45pm, the initial cut was made and I made it. It was so surreal: out of 103 people, 30 people made it to the next round and I was among them. We then proceeded to 3 extra rounds of interviews, which finally ended at about 6pm and I was still on the list. Behold, the final 15 candidates were shortlisted for the New York cohort for a shot at working as a Cabin Crew for a Emirates Airline. I couldn’t believe that I made it that far- didn’t in any way or chance think I had the looks or charisma or poise for the job but I knew that I wanted it so badly – I mean it’s something I always wanted to do. In my mind, I also wondered how the recruiter was able to figure out the folks she chose for the final interview by mere visual appearance and very little one on one communication. I guess this is what they’re good at.

 My famous number 29

My final interview was scheduled for the next day after the assessment day. Part of the final interview process involved you submitting some documents and some photographs. I searched for the best photographer in NYC so I could get the perfect cabin crew face shot. I even went to MAC studio to get my makeup done for the pictures and the interview. I decided to give a 110% to the final application process so that I could increase the probability of getting chosen for the role – given that I was a minority for the role.  I submitted all the documents within the week of the final interview and I waited for the golden call, which would take place about 4 weeks later.

 The professional side of things

Today, September 7th, I got the “unfortunately” email. Though I was disappointed and sad I had to admit it wasn’t meant to be – it’s a nice way of me crossing it off my goals list as something I gave my best shot but didn’t work out. “You win some, you lose some” as they say. The mere fact that I made it to top 15 out of my cohort gave me adequate joy and confidence that God still got my back and that I still got the looks *haha*. This was the craziest interview process I had ever had. Despite the fact that in the past, I’ve interviewed with some pretty gruesome corporate firms. I imagine that the Emirates Cabin crew recruitment process experience can be compared to auditioning for Americas Next Top Model or American Idol. Even though it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear, I will still be spending the next few days exploring the city of Dubai. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and I hope someday I get to travel endlessly on my own account as my own cabin crew.

  Full length picture