It’s me, Monie, and yes yes yes, I finally decided to blog!!! Here’s a brief bio before I introduce you into my world.  On a professional level, I have an advanced IT background and after countless job searches and seemingly futile job applications, landed my dream job as a Tech Consultant for one of the “Big 4” global firms. In other words, do not give up on your dreams ‘cos nothing great comes easy.  You have to be ready to fight for it like your life depends on it.  With my dream job still came this void. A successful career accompanied by an intense feeling of emptiness.  I wasn’t being ungrateful; I was just being human and insatiable. From then on, my constant prayer to God was to show me His purpose for my life. To guide me in the direction of my passion so that I can morph into someone great. To make my life an inspiration to others.
          In the beginning of 2012, I had written down several prayer points that I wanted God to answer. One of them was to know God’s purpose for me and to find my passion.  I quickly assumed that my purpose was to become a successful IT consultant; I mean, I always wanted this life, but there was still a void, a lack of actual living and being fulfilled. Last year, I decided that I would not let anything hold me back. I wanted to do things I’d never done before. Someone once told me, you’ll never know your passion ‘til you try out different things. You’ll never be great at anything ‘til you start. So I decided I was going to accomplish goals I had set for myself 2-5years prior. In 2012, I was really all about the “You Only Live Once” life. I registered for Piano classes, picked up on French class again, and most importantly TRAVELED the WORLD.  Traveling became my passion. The very reason I decided to start a blog.
          Last year, I began a quest to travel to as many countries and cities as possible. Best decision ever!!! In the beginning of 2013, I went back to my prayer points from 2012 to reflect on the year and to write out my requests for 2013.  It suddenly dawned on me that God had answered my prayer. Finally I have found one thing I’m passionate about. Traveling makes me happy and fulfilled. I get an adrenaline rush when I see a new country I want to visit. I love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, learning different languages, seeing similarities between my culture and other cultures. I found exactly what makes me happy.
          I look back at my life, my journey, and my experiences. I reflect on my supportive friends and family, the fact that I moved to the US 8 years ago for college, sleepless nights with my Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority line sisters, experiences at work, trips to different cities, adapting to new clients and their cultures…all contributing factors to why I looooove this LIFE ON THE ROAD!!!

Feel free to email me at info@countlessmiles.com if you have any questions or just want to chat. Ciao