The old town of Dubrovnik

It was a mini rainy day on May 4th in Dubrovnik. It rained all morning and then got better later in the afternoon. Myself and my roomie walked around the old town. There… Continue reading

Bye Mostar, Hello Dubrovnik

The weather was perfect on day 3 in Mostar, so we went on Miran’s popular tour of Mostar and some surrounding towns in Herzegovina. At about 1pm we set out to the town… Continue reading


Where I visited: I visited Sevilla, Spain in February. We took a road trip to Sevilla – I found a car on BlahBlah Cars (Javier n Alejandro) and the guys we drove with… Continue reading

Something about Mostar

I spent a little time reading yesterday morning before walking around the old city of Sarajevo to take my final pictures of the city before heading to the town of Mostar. I had… Continue reading

Hidden Dominican Republic Treasure – #TBT

And then there was little town of Las Terrenas in the city of Santa Barbara de Samana, about a 3 hour drive from the boisterous city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Free of… Continue reading

The town of Travnik

I decided to visit the city of Travnik on day 3. The sun is not out today 😦 it’s a rainy day in Sarajevo and Travnik. I got on the 1pm bus from… Continue reading

Great city, Awesome views

Today was a beautiful day in Sarajevo. Not that the sun was fully out but that it didn’t rain and I’m grateful for that. I started my day really late because I’m so… Continue reading

Journey to the end of the European World

This is one of my best trips yet (I think I say this all the time LOL).  I’m usually a planner but this was the first time that nothing whatsoever was planned. I… Continue reading

What was I thinking?

I decided to take a trip to Eastern Europe for 3 weeks. Today is my first day on the trip. This trip is mostly unplanned except for my round trip plane tickets from… Continue reading

Andalucian “Southern” Hospitality – Ronda

You cannot live in Andalucia, Spain and not visit the beautiful city of Ronda? YUP, not wise. It is an absolute must to visit beautiful Ronda while in this region.  I’m glad I got… Continue reading

Discovering Malaga

  Living in a place is different from visiting the place – I came to realize this after moving to Spain temporarily. It was such a culture shock moving from NYC to Malaga,… Continue reading

I am part Portuguese!

In my quest to find out if somewhere in my lineage I might be Portuguese, I couldn’t resist going back to Portugal to find answers. So when my friend mentioned that she was… Continue reading

Turkish Delight

A decision to visit a new country/city is never a bad idea. So I started my year with some Turkish Delight.   Where I visited: I thought it was a smart travel idea… Continue reading

Andalucian “Southern” Hospitality – Cordoba

My next southern experience was in Cordoba, Spain. I almost didn’t want to take the day trip to Cordoba because the weather forecast predicted rain for that day, but I decided to sign up… Continue reading

Andalucian “Southern” Hospitality – Granada

Living in Spain has so many perks, especially for a “gallivanter” like me that enjoys visiting new cities.  One of the things I have been doing while living here is exploring cities in the… Continue reading