Con amor de Malaga

On Feb 15 my roommate convinced me to go bicycle riding with her around the city of Malaga. This was my 3rd attempt to ride a bike in recent years (after about 20… Continue reading

Architectural Paradise

After Lisbon, then there was Praha…  I’m so glad I added Prague to my list of cities for this trip – It was totally worth it.  I spent four days in Prague.  When… Continue reading

I hope I’m part Portuguese

My next stop was Lisbon, Portugal on my Euro Trip Part II series Where I visited: After 4 days in Ibiza, I headed to Lisbon, Portugal – something about Spain and Portugal keeps… Continue reading

Euro Trip II – From Nigeria to Ibiza

Like they say, once you go to Europe, you can never not go back! (HAHA… I just came up with that.)   Anyways, I went on my 2nd Euro Trip and I had… Continue reading

Getaway to Baja California

I found a great deal on LivingSocial for a 3-day trip to Los Cabos, San Lucas. I have always wanted to visit Los Cabos and this was the perfect deal. So guess what?… Continue reading

Living in Spain – Starting 2014 right!!

So I decided to move to Malaga, Spain for 3 months, to learn Spanish while experiencing a new culture and meeting new people.  I knew adapting to a new place wouldn’t be easy,… Continue reading

Moroccan Birthday Shenanigans

This is a super late post but I decided to share it anyway.  Seriously, I keep changing the title of this post because I keep procrastinating. Argghh. Finally, here it is… It was… Continue reading

The Love-Hate Thing

I read this article by Matt Monahan titled “The Lifestyle of the Young, Rich and Homeless”, right before I saw my friend’s Instagram tag to me to apply to become a Travel Noire… Continue reading

Descanse em paz Tolu Akinduro – Eu sinto sua falta

Your passing to heaven really came as a shock to everyone and deeply hurt everyone who knew you – those who have known you for years, months, days, and even seconds…,you made an… Continue reading

“Ohhh I love it….Oh Yes I love it”

Another opportunity to travel to the Caribbean Islands…..guess who was ready to jump on that bandwagon??? ME, of course :).  It was my home girl’s birthday and she was celebrating her big 25… Continue reading

Turkey Day in Europe – Yay or Nay??

Somewhere inside me, I thought spending Thanksgiving in Amsterdam and Berlin was a great idea….I mean I had the urge to travel, especially when you get two free vacation days. I couldn’t resist.… Continue reading

The Nigerian Passport gets no Caribbean Love

I’m back…. I’m back…..I sincerely apologize for being MIA from the blogging world for so long – a lot has been going on around here.  Back to business….The Nigerian Passport gets no Caribbean… Continue reading

Ein Prosit – Oktoberfesting

Then there was Oktoberfest, Munchen style!!!  It was such a fun weekend in Munich, Germany – what a great weekend trip. Let me put a quick disclaimer: my friend took a lot of… Continue reading

Travel Easy: Tools and Tips

I have been getting a lot of questions from people wanting to know what travel tools I use, travel tips, traveling with visas, deciding the place to go, and all that good stuff. … Continue reading

Traveling Solo – Barcelona

At this point in my trip, I had become a mini genius traveling solo, and an expert partying all day and night!! A detox was necessary, but not until I devoured the city… Continue reading